Winter: The Perfect Time for Remodeling

Always have that remodeling project on the back-burner, waiting for the perfect time that never comes?

Projects that are perfect for those snowy and cold winter months are basement remodels, kitchen updates, new lighting, and painting. Well winter is that time to get them done and here’s five reasons why!

Convenient Project Scheduling

Contractors are less busy in the winter months, and interior projects are a lot easier for them to schedule. Exterior projects are limited in the winter freeing up time for more projects that include painting, flooring, lighting and plumbing.

Paint chips - remodeling your home in winter

Contractor Availability

During the winter, contractors have more time to work with you one on one to prefect your project. Therefore, it’s a great time to refine those last-minute details and get your project underway.

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Avoid Manufacturer Spring Price Increases

This is the best time to find what you need for your project. Many manufactures and businesses have close-out prices and special offers to help reduce inventory, to make way for the new spring inventory. Typically, you will see an increase in prices for lumber products, and the new window/cabinet lines.

Permit Approvals

Fun fact, government agencies are usually less busy in winter, which makes it a lot easier and quicker for contractors to obtain the necessary permits for your remodeling projects.

Vacation Time

If your planning your winter getaway to the nice warm beach, it might be the perfect time to plan your remodeling project. Planning your project to get done while away on vacation, allows you to avoid any disruption from daily activities.