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  • Top Reasons for Finishing Your Basement

    Finished basement can offer you and your family with an additional space in the house with many other benefits to it.
    Here are some Benefits to have a finished basement:

    1. Value – Having a finished basement adds a finest value to your house. In addition, adding kitchen or even small designed project escalates the overall cost.

    2. Resale – There is a lot of demand for houses with large space for big families having a finished basement makes the house marketable.

    3. Space – Roomy areas and sufficient lighting make basements very inviting and makes us spend more time in the basement than the rooms.

    Benefits of Basement Remodeling

    4. Entertainment – From an ordinary TV room to a room full of surrounded sound and tiered seating. Basement is the place where most of the      people choose to hangout. Have an extra space contributes to make the area to a party room that can include game room and pool table etc.

    5. You Need a Space for the Visitors – Using an extra space in the house for a bedroom and bathroom can be a retreat for the guests.

    Because of the high demand for limited resources, basement-material prices are rapidly increasing. This is especially true in this fast-growing area. Don’t wait for prices to get higher – finish your basement today.

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  • Stylish Bathroom Remodel 9 Tips for a Dream Bathroom

    Many people dream of updating their bathroom in order to get the functional and relaxing space of their dreams.

    Careful space planning, a sophisticated mix of materials, considering your needs, textures and proper lighting are all factors in remodeling your bathroom to get that spa-like dream bathroom.

    Read on to get expert tips on making your dream a reality.

    Much like your kitchen, one of the hardest working spaces in your home is the bathroom.

    9 Tips for a Dream Bathroom

    Bathrooms usually serve dual purposes. Your bathroom has a functional purpose, is a place to start your day in the mornings and sometimes a place to relax on evenings and weekends.  Everyday activities in these spaces will not be as efficient if they aren’t functional.

    When choosing the sink, tub, shower, toilet and other pieces, keep all of these functions in mind. Plenty of storage and access to outlets is key in preparing for the day in the bathroom.

    Bathrooms are also considered a sanctuary, not just looked at for their functionality. The best bathrooms are a spa-like space, where you can relax and wash away the cares of the day.

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    Remodeled bathroom with storageSpace Needs to be Mapped Out

    Placing of the shower, tub and toilet will determine on the plumbing.

    The bathroom floor plan needs to be approached as if you are an industrial engineer. You can walk the space with your contractor to envision the tasks needed to begin the day.

    Your arms reach should be considered. If objects are to be stored within the vanity, would you mind bending over to get them? As a rule of thumb, objects used most often should be kept the closest.

    Little Luxuries Should be Planned

    With a little clever planning, you can incorporate into the bath other functions. Perhaps a seat in the shower? A steam room, or a built-in storage for linens.

    Motif is Chosen

    Do you want the space to be formal (black and white scheme) or casual (try neutrals?). How do you want to feel? Water oriented themes, like fish motifs, are often chosen. Other frequently used themes are boats, seashells, piers, blue hues and sandy beach colors. You can go classic, contemporary or eclectic in style.

    Remodeled bathroom style

    Your Favorite Style Should be Reflected

    Choose a motif that relates to the area in which you live (city or country?), a style of architecture you love (classic English country or New England cottage?) or a style that you’re personally attached to (bohemian or Asian?).

    Remember: a bathroom motif doesn’t have to (and probably shouldn’t) knock you over the head. It’s ok to think outside the box and choose something other than a water-themed look. You can choose a motif that is in relation to the area you live.

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    Familiarize Yourself With the Surfaces

    When choosing marble or tile, be sure to know the qualities and pros and cons of the various materials. Can your surface withstand heavy wear? Look for veins in marble, which indicate weak points. Do you prefer the floor to have a polished look or a honed look? Shiny floors may become slippery while natural materials have a pitted surface that is more slip-resistant but may collect dirt.

    Fixtures Add Drama

    The jewels of the bathroom are the fixtures because they’re metallic and can add a dramatic effect to any space, in the same way, jewelry adds appeal to an outfit.

    There are many styles and finishes to choose from by today’s manufacturers. From brass to bronze and all metals in between. Maintenance and motif should be remembered throughout this process. A beach inspired theme may not go with a gold fixture theme and may require more cleaning than you’re ready for.

    Remodeled bathroom with new fixturesLighting is Very Important

    When considering mood, mirrors and correct lighting are critical. The shower and sink areas require correct lighting. Fluorescent lighting casts a bluish tint, while incandescent bulbs cast a yellowish radiance. Blue wall paint with blue-hued fluorescent lighting may make your skin tone resemble Frankenstein’s bride.

    Use Hard and Soft Elements

    You can reduce the harshness of many bathroom materials by using small amounts of fabric. Towels, shower curtains, window treatments, and small upholstered pieces, like a vanity stool will bring a soft touch to a hard space.

    Mother Nature Adds Charm

    Incorporate plants and greenery to your bathroom. The asymmetrical way nature grows will offset the right angles and straight lines.

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